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We make digital products

Tomorrow Tech is one of the most interesting new technology companies in the Nordics. It is not a startup focused on a single product idea nor a consultancy. Rather, it is a digital product studio with multiple products. Our highly experienced team is capable of building basically any digital product from scratch. We are also fully independent. We are owned by our employees and there are no external investors.

Our first product is DIAS, a digital trading platform for the residential real estate market, based on distributed ledger technology. This product has already matured to a company of its own and attracted a group of Nordic & Finnish banks as minority shareholders.

What we value and believe in


Our office is filled with laughter, warmth and care. We succeed by elevating each other. The success of a colleague is as important as mine.

Sense of ownership

Trust and a sense of ownership are the backbones of our culture. No problem is someone else's, it is always also yours.

Mutual respect

Everyone should be treated with respect — regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, education, position or age.


By default, all data and knowledge is shared. Access to relevant data enables empowerment and better decisions.

We are building a happy company



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We believe the happiness of our employees is the key driver to long-term success. We are a group of kind-hearted experts who value the simple things in life — good food, craft beer, playing board games like Klask and Bonk and swimming at Allas.