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We build products that utilize artificial intelligence. We're automating financial management and accounting processes. For example, we've built a service that reads the sums and other details of a scanned receipt and files it automatically in accounting. We want to increase productivity in knowledge work through automation and better decision making.


We build blockchain-based products. We want to cut through the hype with concrete applications. Currently we're working on building a digital trading system for the housing market together with banks and government officials. We remain technology agnostic, but for this product, we're using Corda technology.


We build products that help organizations deal with complexity. We've built a tool to visualize and map organizational culture and test for culture fit in recruiting. Our clients are fast-growing companies that see culture and organizational health as a competitive advantage.

Using smart contracts in the residential real estate market

Tomorrow Labs is building digital trading platform for the residential real estate market. Our solution is based on distributed ledger technology. We are building it together with financial institutions and government officials.

In the real estate market the biggest advantage of distributed ledger technology is smart contracts. With smart contracts we can make sure that when money is transferred, ownership and collateral is transferred at the same time.

Considering blockchain for your products? Contact us, we can help.

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Sami Honkonen

+358 40 535 3463
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Lauri Ahonen

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Juha Viitala

Director, Blockchain Technologies
+358 40 755 0666
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